Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Cart Rentals

Our rental fleet includes a large selection of 2 passenger golf carts typically used for tournaments and or smaller events. For more specific requests we have utility carts with boxes or flat decks, which can be used for hauling items to and from locations. Multi passenger carts (4&6 passenger) are also available for efficiency in larger rentals such as, weddings, moving volunteers, etc.

2 passenger, 4 passenger, 6 passenger, utility, carryall, beverage

Rental Rates:

2 Passenger Gas Cart$62.50 / day

4 Passenger Gasc Cart$95 / day

6 Passenger Gas Cart$150 / day

Utility (Box) Gas Cart $95 / day

Carryall (Box) Gas Cart$125 / day

Food & Beverage Gas Cart$150 / day

Delivery/Pick-up within Edmonton$300

Delivery/Pick-up outside Edmonton
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