Lithium Battery Bundle 51V 72 Ah
Lithium Battery Bundle 51V 72 Ah
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Lithium Battery Bundle 51V 72 Ah

Golf Cart People

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Complete Kit includes: 

-51V 72Ah LifePo4 Battery -51V Charger (Locking Quick Connect) -DC-DC 12V Converter (40V-90V Input) - Charge Port (Locking) -CAN Digital 5V Gauge Kit.

Warning: This battery is best suited for stock carts or carts with 250A or lower controllers. Use with modified, lifted, or carts with higher amp controllers may result in shortened run times and/or system shutdowns.

This is available for: Club Car, Precedent, Tempo, Onward. Also Yamaha Drive & Drive2.  Not recommended for EZGO RXV. RXV should use the 105 Ah kit. 

Note: We do not sell the battery only. These are complete proven kits. 

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